What is Dashboard Advantage?

Dashboard Advantage is a mobile, online data collection and reporting system that supports efforts to improve store execution and benchmark performance.  Or as we like to say - Operational Execution. Made Better.

The Challenge We Serve

Exciting strategic initiatives, foodservice rollouts, marketing campaigns, loss prevention goals and gold standards of operations can be developed thoughtfully by teams and critical to your success. But at times you get slapped by that unforgiving moment of reality: we’re not executing. The most important part of the plan is to execute!

Typically, our clients were completing store inspections, conducting cash audits, gathering price surveys, or tracking foodservice waste on paper or Excel and emailing results to management in an attempt to measure execution and communicate standards. This process creates elaborate spreadsheets, mounds of paper and no real way to measure your progress.

The Solution We Offer

We take your existing reports, or create new ones based on your needs from our library, and provide an isolated, branded, secure, online platform in a matter of a few hours.    

We offer instant efficiency through the Dashboard Advantage App allowing users to capture an electronic signature, upload photos, complete reports and synchronize data with a few simple swipes on your tablet or smartphone. All the information you need is at your fingertips! Our App is compatible with any iOS Apple or Android device! Now you can be productive and maximize success anytime, anywhere – even in remote locations where you can’t reach the internet. 

Striving for operational excellence is everyone’s challenge. Why not make the process more efficient?

Keep Score

By establishing benchmarks you provide your team members an opportunity to improve their performance in a measurable way. Our solution keeps score throughout the year, compares results and zeroes in on keys areas to focus your efforts.

To truly achieve operational excellence teams need to understand where to focus their efforts. By drilling down to exceptions you can monitor trends by district, store, category or line item.

This will create a razor-sharp focus for your team to quickly resolve items that do not meet your standards.

Our customers now using Dashboard Advantage for:

  • Brand Standards
  • DM Inspections
  • Food Service Waste with Build-to Suggestions
  • Cash Audits
  • Cigarette Audits
  • Instock Reports
  • Store Meeting Minutes
  • Gas Price Surveys
  • Competitor Price Survey
  • Deli Inventories
  • Employee Exit Surveys
  • Store Manager Ready For Business
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Marketing / Promotional Execution
  • 3rd Party Documentation: UST, Mystery Shops
  • and much more!

The possibilities are endless.


We put the power of success in your hands. In our business, priorities change, reorganizations occur or an area of your business needs a razor-sharp focus. We provide customers with a robust customization panel that allows you to make changes on the fly. Click, Change, Save. It’s that easy.


Our support team is their when you need them. No need to add another task to your to-do list, we’ll handle those changes for you. Think of us as an extension of your team to share challenges and discuss solutions. No extra fees or complicated ticket systems. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get started.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers, just ask them!

Key Features

  • Multiple reports available to view and complete in one place. No collecting paper or tracking down Excel files.
  • Real-time benchmarking and reporting of results allows for rapid improvement of non-compliant issues.
  • Automatic email capability fosters a team approach to increasing standards and execution.
  • Tablet and smartphone compatibility allows field personnel to be mobile as they monitor execution.
  • Ease of uploading photos to reports will help communicate specific details simple text cannot convey.
  • Drill-down capabilities to focus on opportunity areas.
  • Simple to use. Customize on-the-fly. 
  • Defined user access by log-in credentials.
  • We store your data – You focus on your business.

Dashboard Advantage
Operational Execution. Made Better.

Dashboard Advantage in Action